Welcome to the Disparate Housewives WI.

We’ve all heard about modern reinventions of classics like Burberry or the Mini, well now it’s the turn of the Women’s Institute. This exciting revolution is happening not just in Yorkshire, home of the ‘Calendar Girls’, but here in Hampshire.

Disparate Housewives WI is not your traditional Women’s Institute. Groups like ours are helping to change the traditional view of the Women’s Institute and provide a range of activities and social events for modern women. We will learn about the essentials in life; chocolate and wine. We will also learn to dance and sing!

We have brought women of all ages together to have fun.

We meet every third Wednesday of the month at 8pm in Twyford Parish Hall, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1QY.

Visitors are welcome. The fee for visitors is £5 (£15 for the December meeting). Visitors can attend for up to three consecutive meetings to give them time to see whether they would like to join. For details of membership fees our ‘How to join’ page.