Happy 8th birthday to us!

Today was our 8th birthday party and so we celebrated in style with prosecco, nibbles, party games and, of course, a birthday cake!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for both founding members and new starters as all the games were designed around us getting to know each other better.

One game had us decorating gingerbread ladies in an attempt to make them look like ourselves and later we had to work out who was who. Everyone really let their creative juices flow and there was lots of laughter; plus we got to eat them at the end! Three of our members clearly have an eye for detail as they successfully matched all the gingerbread ladies with the correct person. Well done to our lucky winners who each won a tea/coffee and cake voucher for our Pop-up Café.

Next we had a pot of coins that each had a different date on; all the way back to the start of decimalisation in the UK. One at a time we each picked a coin from the pot and talked about what we were doing in that year. Thank you to everyone for sharing their memories; what a lovely group of interesting people we are and we may never have known without this activity.

The scavenger hunt had us looking for 36 random items without leaving the room; ranging from a credit card to a digital photo of a bald man’s head! It’s truly amazing what people have in their handbags and pockets! Congratulations to the team that managed to find an impressive 31 items and won a tea/coffee and cake voucher for our Pop-up Café each.

Our final challenge was to “Find someone who…”. A game in which we discovered just how much we have in common! Animal lovers, bird phobias and exactly who wasn’t looking forward to Christmas because it meant being served the dreaded Brussel sprout!

Happy 8th birthday to the Disparate Housewives WI and all its members!

Thank you for a wonderful evening.



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