First Aid

This evening we had a very informative and enjoyable evening listening to a talk by Steve Gooch, a paramedic from South Central Ambulances. As a group we believe that it is important to be kept up to date with first aid techniques especially as they can be potentially life saving.

Steve refreshed our memory on performing CPR allowing us to have a go on his Resusci Annie and demonstrated how this is adapted for babies and children. Whilst delighting us with his stories and anecdotes he also dispelled a few myths and old practices concerning burns and scolds. Steve’s interactive talk got our members up and involved as we were encouraged to practice responding to a choking situation using a choking training vest. Steve played the role of the patient himself and I am pleased to announce that he was successfully saved by every member who volunteered!

Thank you very much Steve! We hope to welcome you back again in the future for more first aid techniques.

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