Owslebury Handbells Team

After a gloriously hot day we were treated to an evening relaxing and listening to the Owslebury Handbells Team. They entertained us with a varied programme of music which demonstrated all the different ways that handbells can be used and the different sounds that they can make. Not only that but we learnt something of their history and a little bit about the bells themselves including how much they cost!

During our tea and cake break our members were allowed to have a go at ringing the bells. Some of us were naturals whilst others found out that it really isn’t as easy as it looks! It was also interesting to see just how heavy some of the larger bells are and none of us have any idea how some of the Owslebury Handbells Team managed to play “four in hand” (two bells in each hand)!

One of our members was also given the opportunity to accompany the Owslebury Handbells Team during two of their pieces by playing the tambourine and a tick tock block. Well done Jane – it sounded like you’d been doing it for years!


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