Women in Winchester

Thanks to the continued glorious warm weather we were able to enjoy a meeting with a difference this evening. Tonight we met in Abbey Gardens, Winchester, rather than in our usual village hall. Here we were treated to over 2000 years of fascinating history on a guided tour from our Winchester tour guide Kate.

Kate had kindly put together a special tour for us that included some of the usual highlights but with the added bonus of information on influential and important women who have their history in Winchester. We learnt about Mary Sumner, founder of the Mother’s Union, Jane Austen, author and of course Bloody Mary to name a few.

The tour was so detailed and expertly put together that we ran out of time to do everything that Kate had planned for us as we asked so many questions. We are now all eagerly awaiting the rest as a second tour which we hope to book for 2019.

A huge thank you to Kate for a wonderful tour. We definitely all learnt a lot and hopefully even remembered some of it!


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