Basket Weaving

Tonight we cosied up in our new temporary lodgings in the Gilbert Room whilst the main hall floor is being replaced. This certainly did not put a dampener on things as everyone rallied round bringing their own coffee cups and reorganising the tables and chairs.

Louise Brown, a local basket maker, treated us to a interesting talk on the history of not only basket making but the growing of the raw materials for the craft as well. It was fascinating to hear how large the willow growing regions in the UK had been in the past compared to today and all the interesting things that have been woven throughout history. I was certainly surprised to hear that evidence of weaving has been found as far back as 3000 years ago! It was nice to hear that basket weaving was seeing a resurgence with objects being woven for their aesthetics rather than necessity and a booming trade in woven coffins!

After an impressive demonstration from Louise on how to weave a basket we were then let loose on some willow to sculpt our own woven star… with varying degrees of success but enjoyment all round!

Thank you Louise for a fun filled informative evening with laughter a plenty. It is obviously very a skilled craft!


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