What a way to start the year! Tonight we kicked off 2020 with a bang with a session of Zumba Gold! Silvia from Salsa y Sol visited us back in 2009 when our WI first started and gave us a terrific Salsa session. It seemed only right that we invite her back now, having celebrated our 10th birthday, for some Zumba.

We may not have all been in time, going in the same direction or on the correct foot but Silvia kept us all going with her infectious smile and a lot of fun was had by all. So much so that lots of us left with her Zumba leaflet and I even heard talk of some members starting a WhatsApp group to organise impromptu Zumba sessions. So lovely to hear! Our WI has always been great for forging friendships.

If Zumba wasn’t a healthy enough start to the year our members running the pop-up café this evening got us in the Veganuary spirit with Vegan milk and cake options too. Delicious thank you!

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