Life as a Celebrant

Tonight we were lucky enough to yet again be entertained by one of our very own members, Jan, who shared with us her experiences as a celebrant.

We were delighted to welcome Jan and hear how she ended up becoming a celebrant, a little bit about her role, the sort of ceremonies that she can perform and of course the legal bit (or surprising lack of in some cases!). Having gained confidence to improve the public speaking roles that she needed in her job, she feel into working as a celebrant; now officiating over weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. It was fascinating to hear about a wide variety of wedding services (including a fastening) and how she has even managed to hold a joint wedding and naming ceremony. We were all shocked to hear that there are no legal requirements for funerals and if you’re ever thinking of what song you want as your parting tune… well anything goes…!

Thank you very much Jan for a thoughly enjoyable and incredibly interesting evening.

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