Happy 8th birthday to us!

Today was our 8th birthday party and so we celebrated in style with prosecco, nibbles, party games and, of course, a birthday cake!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for both founding members and new starters as all the games were designed around us getting to know each other better.

One game had us decorating gingerbread ladies in an attempt to make them look like ourselves and later we had to work out who was who. Everyone really let their creative juices flow and there was lots of laughter; plus we got to eat them at the end! Three of our members clearly have an eye for detail as they successfully matched all the gingerbread ladies with the correct person. Well done to our lucky winners who each won a tea/coffee and cake voucher for our Pop-up Café.

Next we had a pot of coins that each had a different date on; all the way back to the start of decimalisation in the UK. One at a time we each picked a coin from the pot and talked about what we were doing in that year. Thank you to everyone for sharing their memories; what a lovely group of interesting people we are and we may never have known without this activity.

The scavenger hunt had us looking for 36 random items without leaving the room; ranging from a credit card to a digital photo of a bald man’s head! It’s truly amazing what people have in their handbags and pockets! Congratulations to the team that managed to find an impressive 31 items and won a tea/coffee and cake voucher for our Pop-up Café each.

Our final challenge was to “Find someone who…”. A game in which we discovered just how much we have in common! Animal lovers, bird phobias and exactly who wasn’t looking forward to Christmas because it meant being served the dreaded Brussel sprout!

Happy 8th birthday to the Disparate Housewives WI and all its members!

Thank you for a wonderful evening.



A Crème de la Crème evening with Mark Tilling

This evening our members were out in force for the chance to meet Mark Tilling, winner of UK Chocolate Masters 2006 – 2008 and captain of the winning team on Bake Off Crème de la Crème 2016, and witness his chocolate work.

Mark spoke to us about his career as a pâtissier and chocolatier and explained how the different types of chocolate are produced as well as what to look for in a good chocolate. I’m pleased to say that this included getting to taste some delicious samples! We were then treated to a demonstration of how to temper chocolate and turn it into a selection of impressive tempting treats.

We were all so captivated by his talk and demonstration that we nearly forgot to stop for tea and cake and it was time to finish before we knew it. No one was in a rush to go home this evening! It was so nice for us to be able to talk to Mark during the tea and coffee break where he was happy to answer our questions and lots of us even left with signed copies of his new book.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mark for such an enjoyable and interesting evening and to our member Katy for organising such an excellent speaker for us!

Jam, marmalades and chutneys

Welcome back to all our Disparate Housewives after our summer break. What better way to start back than finding out what we can do with the glut of fruit and vegetables we’ve managed to produce in our very own gardens.

This evening Mo Bloomfield from Momo’s Homemade Preserves delighted us with a passionate and humorous talk on her artisan jams, marmalades, chutneys and relishes. She even brought along lots of her produce for us to try with cheese and biscuits. We were all impressed with her unusual combinations and nobody could hide the fact that they were going back for seconds. Just delicious!

Time to turn my marrows into jam…


Hampshire WI Centenary Bunting

The Hampshire County Federation of Women’s Institutes will be celebrating its centenary in 2018. To celebrate each WI has been asked to make a pennant. These will be buttoned together to form bunting that will be used to decorate events throughout the year.

We would like to say a big thank you to one of our members who has crafted this beautiful pennant on behalf of The Disparate Housewives WI.

The front depicts our logo above the Hampshire Dog Rose whilst the reverse represents the raffle that we hold each week for a bottle of Champagne. The raffle tickets have been cleverly chosen to count up to 100 to mark the centenary.

If you take part in any of the centenary celebrations next year make sure you keep an eye out for our pennant.


Let the games begin!

Rain definitely did not stop play at our annual picnic and games but it did see us retreat inside.

After a very civilised “picnic” sat around the tables we got to enjoy all the different games that people had kindly brought in. Who knew we had so many people with a competitive streak? Or so many hidden talents? I think we even shocked ourselves; I certainly had never realised how good I am at throwing ping pong balls into egg boxes!

A big thank you to everyone for coming and an even bigger thank you to those that brought games to amuse us all.

Wishing you all a lovely summer holiday!

See you in September…

Silver Clay Jewellery

From one extreme to the other – torrential rain in May followed by an unprecedented heatwave in June! Thank you to everyone who managed to find the energy to join us for a wonderful demonstration into making silver clay jewellery.

Tonight saw us enjoy an marvellous demonstration from Hilary Bowen who showed us how to produce a beautiful ivy leaf pendant from start to finish. We were all utterly inspired by some of her stories behind the pieces of jewellery she has helped people make during her workshops too. I am sure that lots of us will be going away and giving it a go or signing up to one of her workshops.

Thank you very much Hilary.