Let the games begin!

Rain definitely did not stop play at our annual picnic and games but it did see us retreat inside.

After a very civilised “picnic” sat around the tables we got to enjoy all the different games that people had kindly brought in. Who knew we had so many people with a competitive streak? Or so many hidden talents? I think we even shocked ourselves; I certainly had never realised how good I am at throwing ping pong balls into egg boxes!

A big thank you to everyone for coming and an even bigger thank you to those that brought games to amuse us all.

Wishing you all a lovely summer holiday!

See you in September…

Silver Clay Jewellery

From one extreme to the other – torrential rain in May followed by an unprecedented heatwave in June! Thank you to everyone who managed to find the energy to join us for a wonderful demonstration into making silver clay jewellery.

Tonight saw us enjoy an marvellous demonstration from Hilary Bowen who showed us how to produce a beautiful ivy leaf pendant from start to finish. We were all utterly inspired by some of her stories behind the pieces of jewellery she has helped people make during her workshops too. I am sure that lots of us will be going away and giving it a go or signing up to one of her workshops.

Thank you very much Hilary.